Text Neck

Text neck is the term used to describe the neck pain and damage sustained from looking down at your cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices too frequently and for too long. It is an overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress injury to the neck caused by holding your head in a forward and downward position for extended periods of time. You can read here about how the different poses of Gentle Yoga will relieve and prevent Text Neck Pain.

The Technique of Gentle Yoga Breathing is always through the Nose, never the mouth. Deep, Rhythmic Breathing benefits the Skin, Lungs, Heart and Brain, as well as helping with Anxiety, Relaxation and Sleep. Correct Gentle Yoga Breathing may also prolong your life.

Tree or Vrskasana Pose

Constricted Breathing means that we are not taking in sufficient Oxygen nor eliminating Carbon Dioxide. In today’s modern society, it is normal for a fast-paced, stressful lifestyle to be reflected in one’s breathing – rushed, hurried, and not providing sufficient nourishment. Yoga will re-train you on breathing techniques to counteract any build-up of toxins.

Expand Lungs - Hands held in Prayer

The Breath Counteracting Modern Lifestyles We know how to breathe. It is something that occurs to us automatically, spontaneously, naturally. We are breathing even when we are not aware of it. So it seems foolish to think that one can be told how to breathe when we are in a yoga class. Yet, one’s breathing […]